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Is this Primrose Cottage?

I was born at ‘Primrose Cottage’, a thatched cottage on Thornhill Road. I had a [...]

Readers’ Letters: The Rhiwbina Queen

I’d just like to say how much I enjoyed reading the article called The Rhiwbina [...]

Rhiwbina Recreation Club hall centenary

This year 2022, the Rhiwbina Recreation Club celebrated the centenary of its hall. The original [...]

Wonderful memories of summers past

The article in Whitchurch & Llandaff Living (Aug/Sep 2022) featuring the history of Campbells’ steamers [...]

Did Mark Twain visit the Wenallt?

Dear Editors, I was wondering as to whether you were aware of the visit of [...]

Have you heard about the G1?

I am contacting you as a Whitchurch resident who would like to bring to the [...]

Springtime in Alexandra Park

The park recovers from winter storms and now the Channel is peaceful down below, an [...]

Frozen (Amelia)

A little girl sings “Let it go” She’s hiding feet beneath the snow. She smiles [...]

Cardiff Council planting trees? They’re chopping them down in the Northern Meadows

I have just seen issue 61 of Whitchurch and Llandaff Living and two pieces drew [...]

Let’s look out for hedgehogs

A little while ago, you published an article in Rhiwbina Living about hedgehogs, encouraging residents [...]

Parc-y-Pentre revisited

I enjoyed the recent article on the history of Parc-y-Pentre and if I may, I [...]

Car parking catastrophe

How sad it is to see such an intrinsic part of the character and heritage [...]

Let’s save our precious planet together

My name is Ffion M. Marshall. I’m 11 years old and I’m extremely passionate about [...]

Lonely, bored, depressed? No one to talk to?

There ARE kind, willing folk who will listen and sympathise with you, but can’t help [...]