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Deri Mill

By Nigel Lewis In the last issue of Rhiwbina Living, we looked at Beulah Corner [...]

Tennis in Whitchurch

By Nigel Lewis I was looking at some old photographs recently of immaculately-dressed Edwardian Whitchurch [...]

C’est La Vie

David Judd’s life was changed the day he met his French exchange student at Cardiff [...]

Photo gallery: Daffodil planting in the 1990s

Rhiwbina’s Garden Village is often full of daffodils at this time of year. Many of [...]

The French Connection

Cardiff celebrates 60 years of its twinning with the French city of Nantes this year. [...]

Village Farm

Merthyr Road, in the heart of Whitchurch, is now a bustling high street. But it [...]

Beulah Crossroads

Many locals call the centre of Rhiwbina village Beulah Crossroads, but you don’t need to [...]

Rhiwbina’s Blue Plaque Club

Rhiwbina village has more than its fair share of blue plaques. Rhiwbina Civic Society have [...]

The Holm Islands

Out in the Bristol Channel are two small and very different islands. Both Steep Holm [...]

Bryn Glas

A story of a mystery Whitchurch house – and a grand story! Nigel Lewis charts [...]

Pantmawr Road: The Road to Rhiwbina

By Nigel Lewis I don’t know about you, but I’m endlessly fascinated by our local [...]

The Tithe

Is the Rhiwbina we know now very different to the one that existed 200 years [...]

The Plough: A History

One of Whitchurch’s well-known landmarks has a curious history. Nigel Lewis explains where the pub [...]

Whitchurch: The Crossroads

Much of the history of Whitchurch is known to locals. But what about the unknowns? [...]