Is this Primrose Cottage?


I was born at ‘Primrose Cottage’, a thatched cottage on Thornhill Road.

I had a great uncle who lived opposite the Traveller’s Rest up on Caerphilly Mountain, and I love to come up to that area. My Dad worked at Llanishen Fach Farm about 1945/1947.

I have seen a photo of a thatched cottage in a book called ‘Rhiwbina’ by Ken Graham and Jim Taverner. Page 16 shows a photograph of Miss Criddle (grandmother of Will Paynter) stood outside a cottage with a dog. Is this Primrose Cottage?

I’m currently writing a book about my life so I am interested in my early beginnings. I was christened at Beulah Church and I still have my birth certificate. My uncle looked after Llanishen Reservoir when I was a child and he lived in a pretty wooden bungalow in the grounds. Does anyone have a photo?

As an aside, I enjoy reading Rhiwbina Living – there is so much interesting content.

If you or any of your readers can help me with any of the above in any way, I would be most grateful.
Thank you.

Peggy Leigh