Springtime in Alexandra Park

The park recovers from winter storms

and now the Channel is peaceful down below,

an army of daffodils wave

against a backdrop over verdant grass.

I stare at the sculpted bird hedge

as ever immaculately trimmed.

Under the sun dance the shadow of tress,

a touch of winter still in the spring breeze.

As I admire a rainbow of flowers

from flowerbeds in this fine park

bursting forth in the March sunshine

reminding me of the Saviour’s tale

for Easter will be with us soon.

Ghosts stare from Memorial seats

as I watch innocuous clouds pass by

in the most gorgeous cerulean sky.

I listen to a sonata of birdsong

a grey squirrel races up a tree

and people with prams and dogs wander past.

Then I view a drunk on the bench

ranting at a world which does not hear

but I’ve come here to silently reflect

and the wind carries my anger away

in the park on a beautiful spring day.

Guy Fletcher