Rhiwbina’s Garden Village Christmas Sleigh Run 2021


Rhiwbina Garden Village Residents Association has announced their plans for this year’s Garden Village Christmas Sleigh Run.

The well-loved event is widely anticipated by both children and adults of the Garden Village, but had to be called off last year due to the pandemic.

The Association has put out an announcement regarding this year’s run:

We have had a sleigh run in the Garden Village for over 40 years, but last year it had to be cancelled at the last moment. We are still being asked to observe social distancing in Wales which means we must still make some changes due to Covid 19. We have to protect families in the village, the people who collect and sort the parcels, Santa and the elves – many of them are getting on in years!

There is of course the risk we may need to cancel at short notice.

The sleigh run is planned for the evening of SATURDAY 18TH DECEMBER between 5 and 8.

Presents must be delivered to collectors no later than 15th December

This allows a quarantine period before sorting. WE CANNOT ACCEPT parcels after 15th, or on the day, or during the run itself as this will increase the risk to all concerned.  Please wrap a small parcel, no larger than a shoebox. Place the parcel(s) in a bag (ideally 1 bag per household) with a clear list attached to the outside of the bag giving children’s names and address. Bags will not be opened or checked by sorters.

Please remember we ask for £1 Donation per parcel when the parcel is handed in to the collectors noted below. This has not increased for many years and helps towards the upkeep of the Wendy House.

Normally we love to see family parties waiting for Santa. This year, for everyone’s safety, please wait indoors. Santa will put the bagged presents on the doorstep, ring the bell, and return to the gate. Season’s greetings (Hohoho) will be exchanged at a safe distance. The traditional bucket will be available on the garden path should people wish to contribute.

Sadly, Santa and the Elves won’t be able to accept the usual treats this year.

We hope these changes to the sleigh run keep as much of the usual spirit as possible in 2021.

Parcel Collectors

Pen y dre to 5 Pen y Dre

Lon y Dail to 5 Lon y Dail

Lon Isa to 48 Lon Isa

Y Groes to  20 Y Groes

Heol Wen and Lon Ganol to 30 Heol Wen

Mary, Sheila and Jayne wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.