Rhiwbina is now plastic straw free following successful campaign by local resident and MP

Anna McMorrin and Julie Morgan Plastic Free Launch Cardiff

Following the ‘Rhiwbina Against Plastic’ campaign, launched by Anna McMorrin MP and local resident Naomi England last month, Rhiwbina Village is now the first community in Cardiff to be plastic straw free.

It comes as Parson’s Bakery and The Olive Branch café fulfil their commitment to stop ordering plastic straws.

The announcement was made by Cardiff University’s ‘The No Straw Stand’ who have worked closely with the Cardiff North MP and Naomi to make Rhiwbina the first single-use plastic free community in Cardiff. As well as becoming plastic straw free, other businesses in the community are also onboard with Nest gift shop using paper bags, Flower Lodge Florist planning to switch from cellophane to wax paper where possible, and Snails Deli offering a free cuppa when you purchase a reusable bamboo coffee cup.

Anna McMorrin MP for Cardiff North said:

“I am pleased and proud of the work that Naomi and all the businesses have done to make Rhiwbina Village plastic straw free! Over 500 straws a week will no longer be polluting our oceans, which is an incredible achievement by the community – and in such a short amount of time. I would also like to thank ‘The No Straw Stand’ campaigners led by Cardiff University Geography students, who have been incredibly supportive since the beginning, on hand to suggest alternatives with their positive message and attitude.

“As a member of the Environmental Audit Committee in Westminster, I’m working hard with my colleagues to put pressure on the Government to introduce legislation that will reduce the amount of plastic we produce in the UK. But in the meantime, Rhiwbina Village is an inspiring example of how a community campaign can make an immediate difference through a combination of positive changes by local businesses, and community support when taking advantage of offers and playing their part by reusing bags and bringing reusable coffee cups when they’re out and about.

“Julie Morgan AM and I are now planning to take the ‘Single-use Plastic Free’ campaign to other parts of Cardiff North, and then hopefully it will spread to other parts of Cardiff and Wales.”