New Everhot oven goes on sale at Topstak

Everhot oven

This fabulous cooker from Everhot brings a welcome burst of colour into the kitchen.

It’s available from family-run Topstak on Mayhill Industrial Estate in Monmouth. The cast-iron Everhot electric range cooker is renowned for its controllability and efficiency, combining all the benefits of a traditional range cooker with none of the drawbacks.

It simply plugs into a 13-amp socket, and needs no flue or concrete base. Bearing in mind the quality of its construction, it is very reasonably priced. It also comes in a variety of sizes, to suit the space available, and in a selection of traditional and vibrant colours, including black, aubergine, green, tangerine (pictured) and blue.

Topstak Monmouth – Tel: 01600 711710,