The History of Rhiwbina’s Street Names


Rhiwbina takes its name from the small hamlet and farm that once sat on the hillside of the Wenallt.

The name itself has been the topic of much discussion but there are several theories. The main theory and possibly one of the earliest is found in the Book of Llan Dav. The document– the Riu Brien dates from the 11th century and is a collection of records from nearby Llandaff Cathedral. Rhiwallon stabbed a friend– a member of the Bishop’s household. He was ex-communicated and expelled before making amends with the Bishop, and with King Hywel’s blessing, the Bishop returned to Riu Brien– his inherited land. Other theories vary from the Welsh versions of hill of pines to stories of local monks.

The local street names however are a more recent addition. Here is a list of most of them.

Blaen y Coed– Head of the valley trees
Clas Ty’n y Cae– The house in the field
Clos Brynderi– Oak Hill close (an old oak tree hit by lightning once stood on this site)
Clos Cromwell– Cromwell Close. Cromwell had Welsh origins
Clos Fach– Small Close
Clos Hendre– winter dwelling place
Clos Mabon– Mabon’s Close. Mabon was a Celtic Saint
Clos Ton Mawr– Vast Layland Close
Clos y Bryn– Hill Close
Clos y Graig– Rock close
Clos y Wern– Alder close
Clos yr Aer– Battle Close– this could be the possible site of a historical battle
Clos yr Ardd– Garden Close
Clos yr Hafod– Summer Dwelling Close
Clos yr Wenallt– Fairhill Close
Coed Ceirios– Cherry Trees
Coed y Wenallt– Fairhill Woods
Coed yr Ynn– Ash Tree Woods
Craig yr Allt– Rock of the Woods. Nonconformists met in caves, barns and homes to worship. One of the areas where they met in the Caerphilly area.
Cwm Nofydd– Valley of the Nofydd (the name of a stream)
Cwrt Deri– Oak Court
Erw Wen– White Acre
Felin Wen– White Mill
Gelli Deg– Fair Grove
Gernant– Near the Brook
Glas Efail– Blue Smithy
Groes Lon– Crossroads Lane
Y Groes– The Square
Gron Ffordd– Circular Way
Heol Aer– Battle Road
Heol Briwnant– Brokenbank Road.
Heol Cae Rhys– One of the medieval field names. Rhys was a historical figure of the area. He stormed Cardiff Castle and kidnapped the local baron and his family.
Heol Derlwyn– Oakgrove Road
Heol Erwin– Acre Road
Heol Fynnon Wen– White Spring Road
Heol Hendre– Old Homestead Road
Heol Isaf– Low Road
Heol Iscoed– The road below the Wood
Heol Lewis– Lewis Road. Several families are attributed to this name. However, it is likely to be the Wyndham Lewis family. Mr Lewis built Greenmeadow mansion and his widow married Benjamin Disraeli.
Heol Llangan– Llangan Road
Llanishen Fach– This was a farm near Deri Farm. Sources point out that Cromwell’s ancestors lived here
Heol Mabon– Mabon’s Road
Heol Nant Castan– Chestnut Brook Road
Heol Ty’n y Coed– House in the Woods Road
Heol Ty’n y Cae– House in the Field
Heol Uchaf– Uppermost Road
Heol Wen– White Road
Heol y Bont– Bridge Road
Heol y Bryn– Hill Road
Heol y Coed– Woodland Road
Heol y Deri– Oak Road
Heol y Felin– Mill Road
Heol y Nant– Brook Road. This road is named after the nearby brook
Heol y Wern– Marsh Road
Heol yr Efail– Smithy Road
Llwyd Coed– Grey Woods
Llwyn Grug– Heath Grove
Llwyn Onn– Ash Grove
Llwyn Rhosyn– Rose Grove
Lon Fach– Little Lane
Lan Cae Porth– Fieldgate Lane
Lon Ganol– Middle Lane
Lon Isa– Lower Lane
Lon Pellyn– Far Lane
Lon Uchaf– High Lane
Lon y Dail– Leafy Lane
Lon y Dderwen– Oak Tree Lane
Lon y Deri– Oak Lane
Lon y Mynydd– Mountain Lane
Lon y Nant– Brook Lane
Lon y Rhyd– Brook Lane
Lon y Winci– Weasel Lane
Lon Ysgubor– Barn Lane
Maes y Deri– Oak Meadow
Maes y Felin– Mill Meadow
Maes y Parc– Park Meadow
Maes yr Haf– Summer Meadow
Min Afon– River Edge
Min y Nant– Brookside
Mur Gwyn– White Wall
Pantbach Road– Little Hollow Road, so called after Pantbach Farm near Birchgrove
Pantmawr Road– Great Hollow Road
Pen y Dre– End of the Homestead. Before the Garden Village was completed, Pen y Dre was known as Homfray Road
Pen y Craig– Head of the Rock. This relates to a local farm in the area called Y Graig
Penygroes Ave– End of Crossroads Avenue
Porthamal Gardens– Gate Gardens
Rhos Lan– Moorland Church
Troed y Rhiw– Foot of the Hill
Ty Gwyn Road– White House Road
Tyn y Cae Road– House in the Field Grove
Tyn y Parc Road– House in the Park Road
Ty Wern Road– House in the Alder Grove
Waun y Groes Avenue– Moorlands Crossroads Avenue
Wenallt Road– Woodland Road. This road possibly dates back to Roman times and was the route to Caerphilly from Cross Inn
Y Goedwig– The Copse
Y Groes– The Square

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