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Outside the Box: Alternative Christmas gifts

In a time of consumerism and hoarding, giving gifts at Christmas doesn’t have to involve [...]

Christmas Advent Calendar 2023

December 2 Most of the houses in the village are already dressed for Christmas. You [...]

Christmas Checklist

With the festive season just around the corner, here’s our guide to planning a stress-free [...]

Nature’s Autumn

Wrap up warm and head out to your local park where you can discover a [...]

10 ways to feel cosy in the cold weather

Shut yourself away from the world and hunker on down for the season. Here are [...]

Grand Designs

Scattered across south Wales is a number of historic mansions and manors that reflect our [...]

Free yourself

In a world where we can often feel hard done by, the feeling of victimisation [...]

The Holm Islands

Out in the Bristol Channel are two small and very different islands. Both Steep Holm [...]

Autumn Anxieties

For some, the change in the seasons can bring about seasonal anxieties. Here are some [...]

Can We Hibernate Now Please?

While it’s tempting to cwtch and sleep through the dark months of autumn and winter, [...]

Remember, Remember: Bonfire Night Party

Bonfire Night is a typically British affair. Time to wrap up against the cold, get [...]

What’s that seed?

As summer fades away for another year, here’s how you can identify the different types [...]

Autumn’s Light

Anne Hodges had been coming to the Wenallt since she was a youngster. It was [...]

Autumn Spectacles

Mushrooms September is traditionally the time of year when fungi begin to appear across forest [...]