Summer Reset


Use the healing power of the summer months to restore and reset


We often dream of lazy sunny days, but if you’re someone that lives by routine, you may find it somewhat uneasy when you can finally get some time to rest.

Summer can offer us a chance to truly reset though and one way of making that happen is by getting enough rest. Forget the chores and tasks that you’ve set yourself. Make time to actually switch off, and let your mind and body rest. It could be lying on a sun bed, or in a hammock in the shade of a tree.

Whatever it is, keep things quiet and slow.

If you can, totally switch off from work. Enjoy a good book instead.


Give yourself the space and time to truly reflect on where you are in life, and where you’d like to go. Accept the difficult things, and quietly celebrate the wins.

Allow your mind to take you wherever it wants and perhaps find a new perspective on life’s problems.

Allowing your mind to reflect honestly and openly will allow it to breathe and perform more effectively when you need it most.


Recharging your energy isn’t something that happens overnight. If you sleep fewer hours than your body and mind needs, especially on a regular basis, this accumulates into what’s known as sleep debt.

For chronic sleep debt, accumulated over weeks or months, it can take several weeks of consistently good sleep habits to restore your sleep balance.


Take a few moments out of your day to remind yourself of a time when you felt happy.

Recall to mind what was happening. Who was there? How did it make you feel?

Rewinding to happy moments stimulates the parts of your brain that releases happy hormones and reminds us that life can be good.

Remove Digital Media

Digital media is continuously trying to get our attention. Whether it’s videos, emails, images, or notifications, they are all designed to take you away from real life and engage with them instead.

If you have a mobile phone, remove anything that you don’t need or use. Turn off non-urgent notifications, and if possible, turn your phone off completely for extended lengths of time.

Committing to a set period of time without digital media will help you engage with real life and will bring about a real sense of calm.


Ditch the damaging alcohol and unhealthy drinks. Instead, nourish your body with the things it’s crying out for – vitamins, minerals, and everything it needs to function at its best.


Reconnecting with the things that once made you happy can go a long way towards helping you become happier and more fulfilled.

It could be an old hobby, places you used to visit, or even re-establishing faded friendships. Reintroducing these things into your life on a regular basis can build more time for yourself.

Reconnecting with nature and the outdoors can also bring its own benefits, both physically and emotionally.


When faced with a threat, your brain alerts your body to respond with either a fight or flight response. When you take the time to slow down and purposefully breathe deeply and slowly, you reassure your brain that everything is under control. Your brain then communicates to your body that it’s safe to relax.

Making breathwork part of your daily routine can help you deal with stress.


Use the summer months to reconcile any damaged relationships that are worth keeping.

You’ll need to be prepared to be honest, and to hear honest views coming back. Active listening will give you a perspective on how the other person feels but make sure your feelings are heard too.

Acknowledge mistakes, but also build on the present and look to the future with optimism.


Here’s your chance to reset and to re-emerge as a better version of yourself.

If trauma or depression is something that’s darkening your every day, now is the chance to seek help and work through it.

Trauma is stored in the body, mostly away from any conscious thoughts. It affects daily life, and is a heavy burden to carry.

Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s a sign that you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life – and on your terms.

Therapy never promises to fix you. Instead, it helps you process things, to clear some head space, and allows you to re-emerge stronger and happier.




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