Why we need to stop counting calories


By Catherine Richards of Zest Natural Health

I regularly overhear people in the gym, a café or down the local talking about how they’re now eating a breakfast biscuit in the mornings with only 45 calories or something ridiculous. You know the ones, they’re advertised all the time promoting how filling and healthy they are and don’t get me started on those breakfast drinks! Anyway, I literally have to stop myself going over and trying to talk to them.

Yes, they may only be 45 calories but they’re also probably full of sugar, unhealthy processed oils, artificial rubbish and devoid of any nutritional value. Just because something is low in calories, doesn’t make it healthy. To put things into perspective, half an avocado has 3x the calories of one of these biscuits, but I know what I’d rather be eating and is better for my body!

To be healthy and lose weight it’s not about counting calories or just protein, fats and carbohydrates. It’s also about essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes that your body needs for hormones, metabolism, neurotransmitters, digestion, along with other functions to work properly, and all of which contribute to healthy weight management.

If you’re eating predominantly whole foods and by that I mean unprocessed unrefined foods, including plenty of fruits, vegetables and good quality sources of protein, fats and carbohydrates you won’t need to count calories or cut out food groups to lose weight, which in the long term is doing more harm than good.

And who wants to spend their life counting everything they eat, I certainly don’t! 

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