Time to throw away the mower?


Artificial grass is set to be the must-have garden trend this summer

Carpet Castle in Caerphilly are quickly becoming one of the leading artificial grass brands in Wales. As people across the region are embracing this gardening revolution, we caught up with Andrew Graham – one of the directors of this rapidly growing local company, to answer a few common questions people have when deciding whether to take the leap and reclaim their weekends!

What do you think is driving the popularity of artificial grass?

No more weekends spent mowing the lawn is obviously a big motivation. I know a lot of people enjoy lawn mowing – but not everyone! Customers who buy artificial grass from us are typically busy people who want to regain their weekends or retired people who want to take it a bit easier. The product looks so realistic that in a lot of cases the lawn looks even better than real turf!

Is it difficult to install?

Not at all. We have a great team of installation experts who can do all the necessary groundwork and fitting for you. But a lot of our customers just do it themselves. We’ve added a ‘how to fit’ guide on our website which details the whole process, including ground preparation and how to install a weed membrane underneath.

Is the product durable?

Yes it’s incredibly robust. The products we sell come with a nine year UV guarantee and the built-in drainage holes mean that any rain just drains away – like it would do with regular turf. We have a display in store, on which hundreds of customers have walked and it still looks fantastic. It’s completely suitable for pets and it can be easily hosed down.

Are there any pitfalls which customers should look out for?

You just need to ensure you’re buying a quality product. We supply products from the best artificial grass manufacturers in Europe but there is a lot of cheap Chinese grass on the market, particularly online which customers should definitely be wary about. The whole point of installing artificial grass is to remove stress from your life, so really you would want a product that is going to last many, many years and not cause you problems.

What maintenance is required?

Not much to be honest. It depends on how perfect you want your garden to look. If you want to you could brush any leaves off and any marks can be removed with water and a bit of detergent.

Does it really look like the real thing?

Absolutely! The technology has developed substantially in the last few years. People are often amazed when we show them the products. We have hundreds of rolls in stock and plenty of samples for customers to take home. We realise some customers will have lots of questions but our great team in-store will happily guide anyone through the entire process.

What made you expand into artificial grass?

My Dad started our carpet business almost 50 years ago but about 5 years ago we noticed the huge potential in artificial grass and just went for it really. We went into grass in a big way because we felt that customers need confidence and want to deal with a specialist. As the region’s biggest retailer, we now get preferential treatment from the big suppliers in Europe and we can pass all that advantage onto our customers. I think the huge number of amazing reviews that we receive on social media stands for itself.

Have you found the number of people buying artificial grass increasing?

Absolutely! Every year we are amazed at the growth in customer numbers and this year has got off to a great start, so I think we’re on target to break our own records again!

Andrew Graham is a director at Carpet Castle

Nantgarw Road, Caerphilly
029 20884951

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