When is a good time to install a wood burning stove?


Now is the time to think about installing a wood burning stove, so that everything is up and running before the weather turns chilly. Family-run Topstak, with showrooms in the Vale of Glamorgan (www.topstak.co.uk), has been chosen as the exclusive dealer in south Wales for the stylish Hwam stoves. The range includes stoves to suit almost any style of home, from traditional to contemporary. There is also great choice of finishes, from the classic black steel or cast iron, to white or the heat-retaining natural soapstone.

Made in Denmark, they feature patented automatic air systems ensuring the very best efficiency and clean burn. This unique feature means that you can simply light the fire and leave it as the air supply automatically adjusts to suit the burning rate and temperature in the stove.

Topstak also stocks a huge range of traditional and contemprary stoves, including the beatutuful Clearview model, which is made in Shropshire.

Many stoves are alight in the showroom, to give customers a great idea of how they might look when alight in the living room. Experienced and helpful staff are on hand to provide advice about the make and model that suits you best, along with high quality installation, and that all-important factor – seasoned wood for a lovely, crackling fire.

Topstak in the Vale of Glamorgan, 01446 711 567. www.topstak.co.uk