Summertime, and the living is easy…. Why not make it even easier by switching up to a pair of Rechargeable Hearing Aids?

hearing wales

Hearing Wales in Rhiwbina are independent audiologists and hearing aid specialists. They are a family-run operation with four state-of-the-art hearing centres, including one in Cardiff, which opened at the start of the year.

We spoke to Hearing Wales Director Ben Davies about the increasing availability of rechargeable hearing aid models.

With the arrival of summer, many hearing aid wearers may be thinking about going battery-free.

If they are appropriate for your hearing requirements, something that can be established with a free hearing test with one of our audiologists, rechargeable. Hearing Aids put an end to many annoying scenarios experienced by hearing aid users. These can include running out of hearing aid batteries on holiday.

“They also help the planet too because there are fewer batteries going to waste.”

He continued:

“Pretty much all of the leading hearing aid technology manufacturers have rechargeable hearing aid models in several ranges, and as an independent audiologist we can bring you the best of all of them – your taste and hearing needs can dictate what you opt for.”

Some of the rechargeable hearing aid models you could opt for include:

  • Signia Styletto and Styletto Connect (pictured above)
  • Signia Nx Charge and Go
  • Phonak Audeo Marvel R
  • Phonak Belong R
  • Widex Evoke S
  • Oticon OPN S
  • GNResound Quattro
  • Unitron Discover

Lithium ion

Most rechargeable aids now use Lithium ion batteries, the most popular batteries used in consumer electronics. It creates energy by moving Lithium ions within the battery cell from a negative to positive electrode. It is light-weight, low maintenance and has a high battery capacity allowing for long use after a short charge cycle. Its an ideal battery for a hearing aid system because it allows for a full day of use even when streaming from accessories. Additionally, it will last the lifetime of the hearing aid with several years of repeated charging.

 There are many more and a discussion with your audiologist will help you find the right model for you.”

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