Rhiwbina Quiz


You think you know Rhiwbina well? Time to get your brain into action and to take on our big quiz and see how much you know about your local area

1. Rhiwbina Memorial Hall was officially opened in which year?
a) 1953
b) 1958
c) 1961

2. The legendary Rhiwbina Twmpath is what exactly?
a) an 11th century Norman motte
b) a 12th century castle ruin
c) a 13th century burial site

3. Which iconic Rhiwbina building served as an Air Raid Warden’s Post in WW2?
a) Beulah Church
b) Smart’s Garage
c) The Wendy House

4. The 2011 Dr Who Christmas Special was filmed in which street in Rhiwbina?
a) Charlotte Square
b) Heol-y-Deri
c) Y Groes

5. Rhiwbina’s Monico cinema played its last film in which year?
a) 2002
b) 2003
c) 2004

6. Which historical figure has connections with the Rhiwbina area?
a) Henry VIII
b) Charles II
c) Oliver Cromwell

7. Rhiwbina Living Magazine was launched in which year?
a) 2009
b) 2008
c) 2007

8. Which famous British actress used to live in the Garden Village as a child?
a) Angharad Rees
b) Dame Maggie Smith
c) Helen Mirren

9. Football superstar Gareth Bale once played for which school side?
a) Llanishen Fach
b) Eglwys Newydd
c) Hawthorns

10. Which Rhiwbina road used to be called Homfray Road?
a) Beulah Road
b) Heol-y-Deri
c) Pen-y-Dre

11. Which legendary rock band once sponsored Rhiwbina Squirrels rugby team?
a) Def Leppard
b) Iron Maiden
c) AC/DC

12. Which local musical group can justifiably claim to be the oldest band in Wales?
a) City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) Brass Band
b) Cardiff Arms Park Male Choir
c) Caerphilly Male Voice Choir

13. Which 80s musical star was brought up on Heol Llanishen Fach?
a) Simon Le Bon
b) Rick Astley
c) Howard Jones

14. Which historical Welsh prince is said to have been killed in Rhiwbina?
a) Iestyn ap Gwrgant
b) Gruffydd ap Llywelyn
c) Owain Glyndŵr

15. Which famous screenplay and novel writer grew up in the Garden Village?
a) Russell T Davies
b) Andrew Davies
c) Gareth Evans

16. Which Rhiwbina park was originally destined to be a residential cul-de-sac?
a) Parc-y-Pentre
b) Caedelyn Park
c) Llanishen Fach Park

17. In which year did Sam Warburton make his senior Welsh debut?
a) 2008
b) 2009
c) 2010

18. What was the name of he world-famous sheep who lived in a house with his owner in Rhiwbina?
a) Shaun
b) Timmy
c) Nick

19. Which legendary Welsh footballer once owned a sports shop on Heol-y-Deri?
a) John Charles
b) Ian Rush
c) Dean Saunders

20. What was the name given to the Rhiwbina tearooms that used to be situated on the present-day Clos-Yr-Ardd?
a) Simples
b) Smudges
c) Smarts

21. What is the nickname given to the stream that runs through Rhiwbina?
a) The Bloody Brook
b) The Babbling Brook
c) The Cold Brook

22. Outside which well-known Rhiwbina building will you find a ‘benchmark’, traditionally used to calculate mean heights above sea-level?
a) The Wendy House
b) Beulah Church
c) Rhiwbeina Primary School

23. What was the name of the former cricketer and present-day sports commentator who grew up in Rhiwbina?
a) Alan Shearer
b) Alan Sugar
c) Alan Wilkins

24. What was the name of Rhiwbina Living’s now-retired mascot who would frequently be seen at village festivals?
a) Sammy
b) Squishy
c) Squidgy

25. In which year did Rhiwbina railway station first open?
a) 1911
b) 1921
c) 1931

26. How many schools are there in Rhiwbina?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three

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