Our plan for Rhiwbina and Pantmawr

Jayne Owen and Adrian

It has been good to talk to so many residents on the doorstep, in the shopping centres and at local events. There have been many views expressed as to how the Council can improve its services both locally and throughout the city. We appreciate the kind feedback received, and have ensured that it has been used to formulate our six pledges for the forthcoming Council election on May 4th as to what matters to you in Rhiwbina and Cardiff.

At this election Jayne and Adrian will be running with local Tyn y Parc Road resident Oliver Owen. If you would like to get involved with our campaign, attend social events or learn more about what we do, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our plan for Rhiwbina and Pantmawr

1. Continue our work to protect Rhiwbina Library. The agreement to continue funding branch libraries ends in 2017. We will fight to ensure the Council continues to fully fund Rhiwbina Library.

2. Reintroduce community skips at key locations in Rhiwbina and Pantmawr and continue our campaign to save Wedal Road. We would like to see the well-used community skips scheme brought back and a site retained on Wedal Road so that residents have a local household waste facility.

3. Campaign for new bus shelters at Rhiwbina and Pantmawr bus stops. There have been no new bus shelters in Rhiwbina and Pantmawr for years. Passengers want to remain dry whilst waiting for their bus and we will press for funding for new shelters.

4. Continue to improve traffic issues, for example with a designated right filter arrow to turn from Caerphilly Road onto Ty Wern Road. There are junctions where improvements would make traffic flow easier at some of the busiest junctions. The right turn into Ty Wern Road is just one example where a small improvement would make a big difference for both road users and pedestrians.

5. Quality repairs on highway defects, including street lighting and street cleansing. A regular complaint is that highways repairs only last a short time. We want to ensure that maintenance work carried out by the Council is both good quality and value for money for Rhiwbina and Pantmawr taxpayers.

6. Continue to support local community groups, charities, churches and good causes. One of our area’s strengths are the many local groups and good causes in Rhiwbina and Pantmawr. We believe that this is the strongest community in Cardiff and will do what we can to support it.

With your support we can deliver this plan, contact us on: Rhiwbina, FREEPOST WELSH CONSERVATIVES 029 2073 3225

info@rhiwbina.wales @RhiwbinaWales fb.com/RhiwbinaWales

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