Enjoy some Danish ‘hygge’ this winter with a Hwam stove


Nordic minimalism, Danish craftsmanship and smart technology work in perfect harmony in Topstak’s high calibre Hwam stoves.

A wood-burning stove provides the focal point in a room, drawing people close, and providing warmth and welcome on chilly days.

The stylish Danish-made Hwam stoves come in a range of sizes designed to provide the perfect level of heat regardless of room size. All provide an unobstructed view of the leaping flames from a variety of angles.

The Hwam stoves already comply with government guidelines on emissions which will come into force by 2022 as part of its wider clean air strategy. Modern stoves such as the Hwam now produce 80 per cent fewer emissions than those on the market 10 years’ ago.

Newer stoves are also more economical than their older counterparts, and users get more heat for their money. Behind Hwam’s stylish and minimalist exterior, advanced technology – Hwam Smart Stove – ensures optimum use of the firewood and optimum combustion.

“Hwam Smart Stove provides stable combustion and an even temperature, which is of benefit to the household and the environment,” says Topstak’s Christian Brookfield. “You can use the app to set the desired temperature. The system will then tell you when it is time to add more firewood, so you waste less.”

A range of Hwam stoves can be seen at Topstak’s showrooms in the Vale of Glamorgan and Monmouth. Please call in and have a chat with one of the experts to find out exactly which model and style suits your home and your lifestyle.

Further information: www.topstak.co.uk. Or call Topstak, Vale of Glamorgan on 01446 771567, and Topstak Monmouth on 01600 711710.