A-Z of the Summer Holidays

Coloured deck chairs, a 99 in one hand and a stick of rock in the other?
Or lying in a leaking tent, wishing you'd booked that short break to Greece? What things do you associate with Summer Holidays?


Big ones, little ones, ones that casually take a stroll across your picnic, ones that come out of the ground and GROW WINGS AND FLY! What kind of horror movie is this?

Back to School

As a kid, the very first day of the Summer Holidays was the day you'd been looking forward to for months. A quick visit to the High Street would soon see to that though because every shop window would be stuffed with 'Back to School' paraphernalia.As a kid, the very first day of the Summer Holidays was the day you'd been looking forward to for months. A quick visit to the High Street would soon see to that though because every shop window would be stuffed with 'Back to School' paraphernalia.


More commonly known as Divorce in a Bag, camping can either go one of two ways - the romantic/like it is in the movies/never going to happen in real life kind of way. And the other way. The one with the leaking tent, the bad back from sleeping on the floor and the longing for your own bed.


A little less common these days, but back in the day, we all loved a good old drought to moan about didn't we? Oh we had some beauties.

Egg sandwiches

Whether it's picnics or school trips, warm egg sandwiches are guaranteed to make you the least popular member of the party.

Flip flops

You know it's summer when grown men take to wearing these grisly pieces of footwear. Who wants to see gnarly toenails when you're trying to eat your egg sandwiches?


The summer holiday is the perfect time for getting out in to the garden, pulling up the weeds, mowing the lawn and...oh forget it. I'll pay someone else to do it. There's a bottle of white in the fridge and it's got my name on it.


The highlight of the That's right - the official holiday. And no, not the one you spent thousands on - the one you need when you get back from the one you spent thousands on.

Ice Cream

No summer holiday would be complete without an obligatory ice cream. Nothing more satisfying than sitting in a deck chair, downing a 99 is there?


Sunday teatime dessert. With a plate full of blancmange. Going to bed when it's still light outside and knowing that even though it's Monday the following day, there's no school. Magic.


There's something therapeutic about holding on to the string of a kite and reaching for the summer sky. Sigh.


When it comes to going away, Dad will pack a pair of shorts and a few t-shirts; the kids will pack all their favourite toys; and Mum will pack her entire wardrobe.


Summer holidays are all about memories. If it's not the stretch of neon lights and ice cream parlours of Barry Island on a gentle summer's evening, maybe it was feeling like you were on top of the world when Dad put you on his shoulders when you were out walking.


Theoretically, it should all be a lot easier now that we have Satnav. But it wasn't always that way. Do you remember physical maps? Ones that you actually held in your hand? You know the ones - the ones that Mum couldn't read and Dad said he didn't need. Some people still actually use them.


What summers are all about. Just ignore the bugs. And the noisy kids. And next door's barbeque smoke.


We've got a good chalet. Plenty to do here. Thousands of people here and the sands are packed. Jack says the beer is weak. Wish you were here? Love Us xxx.
Sent on a piece of card with a picture on the front. By post. With a real stamp stuck on it and everything.


Are we there yet? How long are we going to be here for? The questions are relentless.


In the weeks and months leading up to the summer holidays, you won't see a drop of this stuff. But come the first day of the holidays, you'll see a year's worth. It'll linger for about 6 weeks and disappear again when the kids go back to school. Guaranteed.


If, perchance, the sun doth shine, there is a high chance that it'll catch you off-guard. And if this does happen, there's a very high chance of you getting burnt. Should you find yourself in this position, feel free to moan about it to your friends with the following traditional phrase: "I was only out there for 10 minutes."


Walk up to a group of kids these days and say the word 'Teletext' and you'll get a load of blank stares back at you. If you have children, or even if you know children, it is your duty to educate them about how we used to book our holidays.


See Rain. Or Camping.


You have our permission to scold anyone who refers to their holiday as their vacation. It has been heard in and around Rhiwbina on a few occasions and these episodes have been reported to the relevant authorities. Be vigilant.


An essential piece of kit for any respectable holiday-maker. You may know someone, or even be that someone who would make their own personal Mix Tape, usually taken from the Radio 1 Top 40 on a Sunday evening.


The one thing that heralds the end of summer and the run-up to Christmas.


Yes. Another one gone. Another year older. Hurrah.


This is, in effect, what you'll feel like by the end of the school holidays. If you time it right, you may be able to audition for The Walking Dead.

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