The Rhiwbina Garage: Life after lockdown


As life begins to return to some semblance of normality, change is inevitably the new norm. We spoke to Matthew Davies, founder of Rhiwbina’s Garden Village Garage, who explains why change is now needed and why, after twelve years of investment and the building of many relationships within the local community, he has made the difficult decision to resign from the Hemaret business he grew and loved, and to move on

The pandemic has given many of us the chance to pause, to reflect and to change many things.

That’s certainly the case for Matthew Davies, founder of Rhiwbina’s Garden Village Garage, a familiar sight within the heart of the village.

Matthew says:

“Following the outbreak of Covid 19, it was time for me to make some life-changing decisions, both personally and professionally. Resigning in order to attain new dreams and aspirations was essential for me. It was always my intention to build my business while growing relationships within this local community. Putting down roots at the office, nestled in the heart of the village, was just the first stage.

“A visual presence in our community was always part of the original plan. However, having worked extremely hard over the past twelve years to achieve this, now the time is right to migrate my business online.”

As a result, Matthew has now separated from and has no affiliation with the business or office site in Rhiwbina village. Instead, he is building another new business online.

Matthew added:

“In small business, people buy from people and it is the personality within small businesses that allows this to happen. I’ve built a business before and I will do the same again.”

With more than three decades of expertise in the premium retail motor trade sector, Matthew understands the needs from within our local community.

“I’ve chosen Rhiwbina’s premium magazine to communicate the relaunch and rebranding of the new business to be known simply as ‘The Rhiwbina Garage’”.

Matthew has transitioned his successful business formula online. Having been a pioneer in social distancing for more than twelve years, Matthew’s new online business now offers to existing and new customers, a premium, safe, contactless, convenient and easy to use motoring alternative.

Commercially and comprehensively insured to take care of every customers’ requirements while delivering this seamless service which includes home or local work based collection and return delivery and high definition video reporting for Mot testing; routine service and repair; all diligently finished with a complimentary cleaned car on return. The Rhiwbina Garage also continues to buy cars for cash.

Matthew was keen to confirm that all of his carefully selected service providers deliver to his high standards, values and requirements and his customers’ vehicles receive the highest levels of technical care at all times. His independent service providers are licensed and authorised by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (Ministry of Transport).

“I’ve always supported Rhiwbina Living magazine and I look forward to working with the publication as I move upwards and onwards into the cloud!”

No doubt many will spot Matthew in and around our local community from day to day collecting cars as before.

Matthew warmly welcomes all enquiries on his new contact details listed below:

Our contact details
t: 0333 900 2404 (FreeCall)
m: 07776 220248