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The Giraffe is an interesting creature, it is instantly recognisable. Standing on average four metres tall, this places it head, shoulders and a long neck above the rest of the animal kingdom. From a fond, wondrous memory, most of us should be able to picture what a Giraffe looks like, even if they were not reading this piece.

At the Garage, we have pride of ownership, we deliver a personal service and our business model has many similar features to that of the Giraffe, it stands out. We aim very high and our standards are often unachievable by the rest of the pack. Most others can’t stretch themselves to deliver the high standards of service that our clients have come to expect. We don’t operate at a low level and this sets us apart. We are always reaching for the highest heights, just like our friend the Giraffe. We hold our head up high and reach out to do so.

Over the years, we have received many tens of hundreds of social media reviews, and with over three decades of experience, our journey continues to take us far and wide.

We offer by appointment only, a time saving, premium motoring solution that is safe and contactless.

We always guarantee collection and delivery and ours is a complimentary clean car on return policy. So wherever you decide to venture or roam, your car will be sparkling clean when returned back home!

If it’s Mot testing, vehicle service and/or motoring repair you need, we are grazing on a different plain. Like the Giraffe, we are the standout service provider for all your motoring needs, all delivered within a safe, contactless and convenient way. We will protect you from the lions, the hyenas and the snakes that could leave you with a nasty bite!

Our straightforward pricing means that if you’re not happy, simply do not pay. Customer satisfaction is everything to us. If you are not fully satisfied, then neither are we.

Our cloud based garage serves all of North Cardiff and the surrounding areas and we go the extra mile so you won’t have to.

We operate a free call booking service on 0333 900 2404 or online via our website. It’s easy, safe and secure.

The Garage, the stand out solution for all your motoring needs.

Remember, it’s a jungle out there…

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