Successful Swiss Programme comes to Whitchurch


For the last five years, a select number of schools and colleges have been welcoming a small group of Swiss students to their sixth form.

The programme has been heralded as a great success for the schools and the local communities. One Principal involved told Living Magazines:

“Our Swiss guests bring so many different experiences and views with them which can be quite eye-opening for our own students and very beneficial. I think that the Swiss students also gain a great deal from their time here experiencing the local culture. Getting involved in the Swiss programme has been one of our school’s best ventures in recent years and I hope it continues for many years to come.”

Moreover, families really enjoy the experience hosting the students as well as benefitting from the extra income.

“Luna has enriched our family life and is a pleasure to have around. She has become a true friend and we enjoy sharing activities through fresh eyes,” says Susan Holloway, Medway. 

From this September, Whitchurch High School and families in the local north Cardiff communities will start to enjoy the benefits this programme offers. The students will be carefully chosen for the host families involved, who will inevitably enjoy being part of a community network to support them; all managed by Ric Carby of Barnes Host Families.

If you have a spare room and are interested in hosting a Swiss student from September for an academic year please contact Ric on 07748 113782 or email

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