Popular Cardiff Charity Calls for Help in Face of Funding Cuts

Grassroots Cardiff

A popular registered Cardiff charity is appealing for help to raise £20,000 by 26th June to maintain its current service.

Grassroots (Cardiff) Ltd has maintained vital support services for young people for more than 30 years. Through their doors will walk a young person straight out of care, a Big Issue seller, a teenage mum with two kids, a young man just out of prison, a transgender teenager chucked out of the family home, a vulnerable teenager with a black eye and mental health issues, an asylum seeker who’s heard about our music studio.

Yet the charity is facing massive challenges in the face of Cardiff County Council cuts to its funding.

The charity said:

“These young people are all in need of support and Grassroots will phone a hostel for them, find them a bed for the night, or explain why the Job Centre won’t pay them. The real work of the project starts when we listen to their problems.

“We are currently working with up to 100 young people a week often in crisis and in grave need of support and this number is increasing every day. We have recently lost two valuable staff members and we are in danger of further staff reductions if the current proposals go through. This will severely affect our ability to offer advice, support and guidance, along with our range of creative learning activities to young people in Cardiff.”

The charity has therefore turned to an online Crowdfunding project to raise the vital £20,000. They are looking for individuals, groups and businesses to back them. They are hoping that the people of South Wales can dip their hands into their pockets and pay something back to the charity that has given so much to the community.

For more details on their amazing work, and to find out how to help, head to www.crowdfunder.co.uk/grassrootscf10/