Why not open your Rhiwbina garden this year?

Rhiwbina garden

Rhiwbina Festival Day last year was on Saturday July 1st 2017. Four of us had been devoting many, many days and hours to our gardens enough to want to share them with others and raise money for Rhiwbina Events and for other charities along the way. Winter hopefully is now passing and we won’t get any severe snow storms or other inclement weather. In fact, the snowdrops and ‘Téte â Téte’ miniature daffodils are already coming through the soil – a definite sign of Spring. This inevitably makes me think of what needs doing in the coming months in the garden to show it at its best.

What happens when you open your garden to the citizens of Rhiwbina and some from further afield?
Firstly it’s got to be worth looking at and only you can be the judge of that.If you’re passionate about your garden and your friends and family tell you how lovely it is, then it’s very likely that other people will want to visit your garden too.

Ask yourself will there be plenty to see? Is it safe for people to walk around?

Opening your garden to the public may seem daunting at first, but most garden owners find it a very enjoyable experience, and continue to open their gardens year after year.

If you want to open your garden you can join the four of us in Rhiwbina who last year opened our gardens. The Rhiwbina Events Committee were most helpful by advertising our venues and the times that we opened and in return we each gave them a donation which went towards setting up the other events they do throughout the year. You can also be part of the National Garden Scheme – read more about it on the internet  https://www.ngs.org.uk/get-involved/open-your-garden/whereby. The NGS does collect your entry fees and donates them to charities of their choice.

We always open on Rhiwbina Festival Day – this year Saturday June 30th. We usually meet early in the year to decide the times we are going to open, the entry charges we make, the Charities we are going to donate to, whether or not we sell refreshments, plants etc. It’s important that you get friends or family to help you on the day. We then just get on with the work!

Why not join us this year – after all that hard work you put into your garden.  Why not share your love of it and help raise money for your favourite charity and for the people in the Rhiwbina Events Committee that help to make Rhiwbina into the lovely community that it is?

If you need any more information email me at gwendolynw@tiscali.co.uk

Gwen Williams