All you need to know about Rent Smart Wales

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with Chambers Estate Agents, Whitchurch

After a successful information evening regarding the new Rent Smart Wales legislation at our office in Whitchurch village, we thought we’d share some valid questions that were raised by some of our clients and associates on the night.

My friend and I own a rental property in Cardiff and we manage the property between us. Do we both need to register as Landlords?
Nadine B, Whitchurch, Cardiff
Yes. It’s probably best to decide between you which of you would like to register as the ‘lead’ Landlord and list both peoples’ details on the registration form. As you both manage the property, you will have to apply for a Landlord licence too.

I own properties across England and Wales. Will I have to register them all?
David C, Whitchurch, Cardiff
No, just the properties in Wales.

I have a large rental portfolio in Wales. Will it be particularly time consuming for me to register these properties? Can I upload them in bulk?
Steve J, Roath, Cardiff
You can upload properties in bulk via the Rent Smart Wales website.

You manage my properties on behalf. Can you register me as a Landlord?
Phil F, Cathays, Cardiff
No, sorry! Only you, the Landlord, can complete the registration. We can do the rest.

I understand there is a fee to pay to register myself as a Landlord, but what does the money go towards?
John W, Whitchurch, Cardiff
Rent Smart Wales insist that any fees collected are for the running costs of the scheme, which includes ensuring that Landlords who try to ignore their legal responsibilities are dealt with accordingly. No profit is made from the fees.

When is the deadline?
Phil E, Whitchurch, Cardiff
It was 23rd November 2016!

If you require any further information regarding the Rent Smart Wales legislation, please contact our Lettings Manager, Kathy Challinor, on 029 2052 2106 or via email at