Good looks that don’t cost the earth thanks to Everhot

Everhot Topstak

Cooking is so much more fun if you have a reliable and versatile cooker.  One of the best models on the market is the Everhot electric range cooker, available from Topstak (, a family-run company based in the Vale of Glamorgan and also in Monmouth.

The Everhot is a high-calibre piece of kit, bringing you the best in terms of cooking function and comforting warmth to enjoy in the kitchen – especially if we have any more Siberian blasts of weather.

It’s fair to say that this British hand-crafted cast iron fronted range is a classic with a modern twist.  It has the comforting good looks of the classic range cooker but sports modern features such as an induction hob, a grill and all the multi-function controls needed by the contemporary cook. The energy saving Eco function setting comes as standard, and it is fully adjustable for welcome cool in the heat of summer.

With so much attention to detail, the Everhot is built to last a lifetime and makes the perfect investment for warmth, cooking and comfort in the heart of the home.

The Everhot comes in a variety of sizes to suit all kitchens – there’s also a fabulous range of colours from traditional black, to a rich Burgundy, to a soft dove grey and a vibrant tangerine shade.

Key features include:

*Energy saving – Everhot is the economy leader among heat storage ranges.

*Temperature control – each of the cooking areas is independently controlled: you simply choose which ones you want to use and at what temperature.  Unlike other ranges, there is no loss of oven heat when the lid is open.

*Elegance and versatility – the Everhot comes in six sizes, providing a solution for discerning cooks whatever the size of their kitchen.

*Maintenance free – with a little TLC, your Everhot will provide trouble-free service, year after year.

*ECO control – this feature is designed to give lower running costs, and a cooler kitchen in summer. The ECO control provides a kind of ‘sleep’ facility, allowing the range to drop to a predetermined lower temperature.

To find out more please look up Topstak on, or call the Cowbridge showroom on 01446 771 567, and the Monmouth showroom on 01600 711710.




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