Deaf Awareness Week with Viney Hearing Care


Are you looking after your hearing? We’re here to give you FREE advice and to answer any questions you may have about hearing health. Viney Hearing Care is holding a week of events to promote Deaf Awareness Week in the community. Call today to attend any of our events. Spaces will be limited.

Monday 2nd May: Speech Mapping Day

Do you wear hearing aids but still feel that you aren’t hearing the full picture? Is speech clarity a problem for you? Speech mapping is the latest revolutionary way to test the performance of your hearing aids and to see how well they help you hear. You will be provided with a print out of your heading aid results and information on how speech can be improved for you. Call today as places will be limited.

Tuesday 3rd May: Tinnitus Day

Tinnitus affects 1 in 10 people in the UK. It’s classed as a noise that comes from your head and not the environment around you. Tinnitus has many causes and can severely disrupt people’s lives and that’s why it’s important to know how to manage it. If you are curious, distressed, or concerned, we can help so please call to book your FREE session.

Wednesday 4th May: Starkey In The Ear Rechargeable Aids

The new era of ‘invisible hearing’. We work with the world’s leading hearing instrument manufacturers to provide the most discreet instruments with the finest hearing quality. Instruments that you can’t see and you can’t feel – just excellent hearing in all walks of life. Book an appointment for your FREE hearing screen and a demonstration of hidden hearing.

Thursday 5th May: FREE Microsuction

The SAFEST way to clean your ears. If you have problems with dull or itching ears, there could be wax blocking your ear canals. Come and have a FREE hearing health check to see if wax is the problem. If it is, we can remove it with the latest and SAFEST techniques. Places will be limited (Normal cost £55).

Friday 6th May: Oticon More Demonstration Day

Do you struggle to hear in company, watching TV or on the phone? We understand that hearing loss can make these listening situations very difficult. Allow us to demonstrate how the latest connective wireless technology can take away the strain of listening and see how easy it can be to enjoy these simple pleasures again.

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