Bill Farnham Visits Number 10

Bill Farnham David Cameron

Bill Farnham David Cameron
Bill Farnham, Chairman of Neighbourhood Watch Association Cardiff, recently visited 10 Downing Street where he met the Prime Minister.

Bill received a special invitation for his work in the community in Cardiff, and has been acknowledged by the group Community Champions for people who give generously of their time to assist their local community.

Bill, who is also a regular Living Magazines columnist, visited the famous address on the 19th January, where he represented the Cardiff neighbourly association and its work.

Bill told Living Magazines:

“This was quite an experience and I felt very privileged. It was a special experience climbing the famous staircase lined with the photographs of past Prime Ministers.”

Bill had a chance to talk to the Prime Minister about Neighbourhood Watch. Bill even went as far as to give the PM a copy of the Annual Report. He kindly autographed this and returned this to Bill by post, so it will be a special one for the archive.

The Prime Minister thanked all the guests for their valuable work in the community and how this helps. Bill said “I was delighted to meet the Prime Minister and talk with him. I felt very proud that I had informed him of the work of Neighbourhood Watch. He is now aware of South Wales Neighbourhood Watch Association Cardiff for sure!”

The event was attended by over 80 people from across the UK from a diverse range of volunteering activities.