Amatsu Therapy: The non-invasive treatment that empowers the body to heal itself

Amatsu Therapy Cardiff

I first encountered Amatsu as a result of a fall which subsequently led to a frozen shoulder. In chronic pain, unable to work for 6 months and after seeking help from seven different health professionals, I eventually discovered Amatsu. After two sessions, my symptoms were significantly relieved and finally I saw light at the end of the tunnel.

I became fascinated by a treatment that was so effective and addressed my whole body rather than just my shoulder. Amatsu enabled me to live my life without pain, to feel energized, breathe more deeply and eventually drive my car and return to work. After working for many years as a Speech and Language Therapist in the NHS, I made the life changing decision to give it up and focus all my energies on practising Amatsu full time.

Amatsu is a little-known physical therapy originating in Japan from the martial arts tradition. In 1986, three osteopaths went to Japan to study this therapy. On his return to the UK, Dennis Bartram studied osteopathic and chiropractic research, combining it with the principles of biotensegrity (the interconnectedness of the body) to develop Amatsu as it is practised today. It is this blending of Japanese physical therapy and Western principles of research that makes Amatsu a unique combination of East and Western concepts.

The therapist uses the principles of natural body movement to effect change in the client through mobilizing the body’s soft tissues. It restores balance to the body, empowering the body to heal itself. The treatment is gentle and non-invasive and is performed fully clothed and does not involve any cracks or crunches.

Amatsu can help people with chronic pain, back ache, joint pain, sprains and strains, anxiety and stress, chronic fatigue, migraine and headaches, digestive problems, and sciatica.

Sue’s story
Sue suffered from a migraine for 25 years. They came every two to three weeks, sometimes for days at a time. They were a major part of her adult life. She saw Sarah for a series of Amatsu sessions and now says:

“For the first time, I really feel that I might see a future with far fewer migraines thanks to Sarah. I didn’t have high hopes – that is what life is like as a migraine sufferer. You just take the medication and find a dark, quiet room. Thanks Sarah!”

Sarah Barnes Amatsu Therapist runs clinics in the Natural Health Clinic on Cathedral Road and the Amatsu Space in Splott.

t: 07910 044835

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