12 Dental Tips for Christmas

Imran Kassam is Clinical Director, Principal Dentist and Aesthetic Practitioner at Cloves Dental Care, a new Dental Practice opening in January in Rhiwbina. He’s here to answer all your dental related questions.

I hope you’ve had a good start to December and enjoyed the recent Whitchurch Reindeer Run and festivities in aid of Cancer Research Wales. The Christmas season is upon us, one to make sure we enjoy, but also still look after our oral health. Did you know that on Christmas Day, we are likely to consume over 200g of sugar, which is four times the recommended daily amount?

ONE It is important to know how much sugar is in our foods. Different supermarkets will have different amounts of sugar in their most popular Christmas products e.g. mince pies and Christmas pudding. Be aware of hidden sugars in foods – use the Change4Life Food Scanner app to check whilst shopping. Why not try festive shortbread instead of chocolate biscuits?

TWO Eggnog contains the same amount of sugar as a can of pop and the thick consistency coats your teeth after you have finished drinking. Limit your portions and rinse your mouth out after. The recommended serving is ¼ cup.

THREE Champagne and Prosecco contain sugar and the carbonation eats away at your tooth enamel. Do not brush your teeth until 30 minutes after consumption – this goes for all acidic food and drink.

FOUR It is not the quantity but the frequency of intake of sugar that damages your teeth. Avoid constant snacking between meals and stick to four mealtimes a day.

FIVE Avoid opening bottles and cracking nuts with your teeth, as this can chip your teeth and cause sensitivity, or large fractures that can lead to severe pain.

SIX During this period, try to brush your teeth three times a day, and don’t forget to floss or use interdental brushes, especially after eating your turkey!

SEVEN Chew sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva production which neutralises acids and helps wash away sugar and harmful acids.

EIGHT Did you know that both white and red wine can stain your teeth, by both the colour and also by wearing down the enamel, leaving them more exposed and vulnerable to staining. Eat cheese with your wine to help stimulate saliva. It is also high in calcium which strengthens your teeth.

NINE Popcorn is responsible for a rise in Dental Emergency visits, ranging from cracked teeth to the shell lodging in the gum and causing infection. Check teeth after enjoying popcorn for any pieces in between or around your teeth.

TEN Avoid toffees which will stick to the grooves in your teeth and feed the bacteria in your mouth.

ELEVEN Drinking through a straw will help keep liquid away from your teeth.

TWELVE Drinking water regularly, especially in between meals instead of squash, fruit juice and pop will help wash away sugar, harmful acids and food.

Have yourself a good Christmas and a Happy New Year. Remember to get in touch if you have any dental questions you’d like me to answer. My email address is below.



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