Seasonal Poetry


A collection of seasonal poems from local poets

Where Are The Breezes?

Where are the breezes that we knew on finer days
To cool the still and warming air,
To carry forth the scent of nature’s bounty,
To let it linger and then to flow once more
As may it to others be carried on light a wing,

Where are the breezes which have now turned to chill,
To carry not a fragrance light upon its wings,
To feed not the evening air with romance,
To fill not the sense with all from so bright a day
As may it to now bring about a season’s woe.

Where are the breezes of all things to make so well,
To be of spring, its early and its changing voice,
To speak of greater things in summer yet to be,
To then march in glory until there nears a slowing autumn
As may it then of many faces to show and to winter bring.

David W Morris
Llandaff North

The Fallow

The parks are empty now
And the skies are dark and empty
But our love has been hiding
Beneath the cold and fallow.
Soon it will bloom,
And melt the gloom,
And summer’s kiss will return

Alec Harvey

Return of the Light

The light has gone from her eyes
so she compels herself out of the house
to escape the torture of four walls.
She sits on her favourite beach
gazing out over the blue ocean,
her breath flowing from her as if a ghost
admiring the untamed exquisite coast.

She no longer requires a cigarette,
her mental and physical ailments
dissolve like frost on the winter grass.
The rhythm of the breakers hypnotise her
as seagulls soar in the cold crisp air
she’s aware of the return of the light
surveying this most spectacular sight.

Guy Fletcher

Nature’s Gift

Raindrops tap on windowpanes
A gentle rhythm, nature’s refrain.
Grey skies weep, their tears cascade,
Quenching earth’s thirst in a quiet parade.

Petrichor whispers secrets untold,
As rain-kissed shoots unfold.
In this liquid embrace, sorrows wane,
Life blooms anew with each drop of rain.

Sandy Scott